“Aston Martin Owner Club Spain” Presentation dinner

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On Saturday 14th of may was the presentation dinner of the “Aston Martin Owners Club Spain” where Auto Storica had the privilege to attend as a special guest. A pleasant evening full of anecdotes accompanied by great lovers of the British firm.

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More pics of the event.

“Olivier Le Scanf: El último cazador de clásicos” (Article CAR magazine)

Article about Auto Storica in the CAR magazine. “Olivier Le Scanf: El último cazador de clásicos” (Article CAR magazine)

Retro Classics 2016 (Messe Stuttgart)


On March 17  was the opening doors of  the Retro Classics 2016 Fair (Messe Stuttgart). During four days, the passionate world of the classics could enjoy the seven pavilions full of vehicles of all times. Messe Stuttgart has become a meeting point between professionals and amateurs from different European countries thus opening a door to a single common market.

This time, taking advantage of the diversity of visitors of different nationalities, Auto Storica came up with two Italian pieces; An Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale Ferrari 308 GTB and Quattrovalvole. An English; Aston Martin DB2 / 4 and another German; A Porsche 911 930.

The pictures of the stand.

Retro Mobile Paris 2016


On february of this year (2016)  was the Retro Mobiler fair and we were with four of our best classic vehicles to sale: A first series of the Facel Facelia, one Jaguar E-Type OTS  ,an Aston Martin DB2/4  and a Lamborghini Islero en process of restoration.

Here the fotographs of the stand.

The second day at the fair.

Auto Retro Barcelona 2015


Another time we went to the Auto Retro Barcelona 2015, one of the biggest fairs in Spain.

Follow the link to view the stand fotographs:

 Auto Storica at Auto Retro Barcelona 2015 pictures


Ferrari 275 GTS

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IP TV Clot-Sant Martí

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Maserati 3500 GT

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El coleccionismo de los Clásicos gana adeptos

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AUTO RETRO Barcelona

Extracted Report of “la vie de l’AUTO”

One of the most beautiful stands was the Auto Storica: An Italian name for a barelona restoration workshop, created by a Breton and specialized in English cars.