B&B Cobra Replica 1986

  • Year: manufactured in 1986
  • Condition: Perfect conditions
  • Engine: V8 427cui of 560cv
  • Gearbox: Tremec 5-speed manual
  • Color: blue
  • Interior: beige leather
  • Extras/Options: Hardtop, Holley 750 carburetor, Faria watch, Moto Lita steering wheel

This spectacular Cobra is a recreation of the legendary 427 S/C made by Carroll Shelby to fight the best sportcars of the 1966 SCCA races.

The magical trick was to use the light British chassis with the big torque of the V8 Ford engine. Many manufacturers have tried to replicate the original but few have achieved a well-balanced and strong chassis with a body as well proportioned as this unit made by Brian Anderson and Barry Mc Gill of B & B Mfg. Inc. in Granby, Missouri. USA. This car was later imported by its first owner first to Chile then to England and eventually to Spain where a Ford 427 Cobra Dart’s Special Hi-Po engine with a Windsor block “stroker” of 560 hp and 550 lb/ft of torque @ 5,350 rpm was added. This powerful V8 reaches 100 km/h in just 3 and a half seconds. Perfectly tune up adjusted and with few kilometers, it’s equipped with a 4 bbl Holley 750 carburetor, high pressure fuel line, Edelbrock intake, PRO1 aluminum cylinder heads, forged crankshaft, closed oil circuit and a competition oil pan.

The transmission is a Tremec 5-speed and mounts a Ford 9-inch rear differential. The car is equipped with disc brakes in all four wheels. The brakes are without assistance for better sensitivity in braking. This Cobra mounts 5-bolt Hallibrand wheels with Cooper Cobra tires in very good condition.

The interior is fully upholstered in beige leather with Faria watches and Moto Lita wood steering wheel. It comes with a chrome-plated roll bar with three supports, 4 to 1 side pipes, a Le Mans gas cap, front chromed bumper guards and front and rear lifting hooks. The bodywork is made of fiberglass and is painted in metallic Indigo blue with white Le Mans stripes. The hardtop is also made in fiberglass and has the same colour scheme. The car is in a very good condition, thanks to its little use and the quality of its components and very importantly, thanks to the careful maintenance by the hand of its former owner.

This is a great opportunity to acquire a Cobra already legalized in Europe with the best configuration of horsepower/price ratio.

Driving a Cobra is an unforgettable experience, feeling the endless power of the engine and driving the steering from a spartan cockpit with the bonnet lost to view makes this car the dream of any auto enthusiast. The incredible response of its engine and the understeer and oversteering behavior of the chassis makes this car a challenge only suitable for experienced drivers. This isn’t just a nice cruising car, but a real racing car… from 1966! Do you dare to tame the Cobra?


The car has Spanish ordinary vehicle documentation and can be registered in any European country. A complete pre-delivery service is included in our price.