– Year: 1958

– Condition: Very Good

– Engine: 6 cylinders 3.4L

– Power: 190hp

– Gearbox: Manual 4-speed

– Exterior colour: British Racing Green

– Interior colour: Brown

– Extras: SU carburatons, Dunlop wheels, power steering.

Mechanically well-maintained with its 3.4-liter XK engine with electronic ignition with a 4-speed gearbox (Borg Warner type) and equipped with a ZF power steering and alternator instead of dynamo. It is equipped with two SU carburetors.

The previous owner equipped the car with various accessories to participate in rallies of regularity for classic cars. The car was improved the ignition, thealternator, the cooling system with a Kenlowe electric fan of 2 speeds. The brakes and suspensions were also improved. It incorporates a 15 “Dunlop Le Mans steel wheels with cantral hub with butterfly, with radial tires in very good use. As extras carry long-range lights and emblem bar and with the Jaguar mascot. In the front bonnet you have installed extra ventilation grilles.

The body is in very good condition, restored years ago but without signs of rust or accidents. The franchises and adjustments of the doors and capots is correct. The British Racing Green paint is in very good condition with no glitches and flaws.

The interior is upholstered in light brown leather and both the carpet and the seats are very nice. It also has a fully finished dashboard in varnished wood and also the Mot Lita steering wheel is finished in wood. The inner wool canopy is in good condition. The crystals and moldings have no faults.

The interior of the car has a compass and a Retro Trip along with the accessory brackets during Rallys. This entire installation can be reverted without altering the source elements.

The car goes really well, it drives very noble and has enough power, good braking and very good curve behavior. We believe that it is a good opportunity to get a car very honest and ready to enjoy at a justifiable price.