This is a 1970 DBS VANTAGE 2-door saloon,#5575/LC#  one of the only 71 units equipped with the 4.0L

“Marek” 6 cylinders engine (325hp- 242kw) #4534# with the optional ZF 5-speed and with the exclusive 3 Weber carburetors of the VANTAGE version.

This car was commissioned by CORVER S.A. (Aston Martin Spain´s importer at that time located in Barcelona)  to be the car for the 1970 Barcelona´s

Motor Show (Salón Internacional del Automóvil de Barcelona) in the Montjuich pavilions. For this event the car  was sent from the Newport Pagnell

factory an especially well-configured vehicle with attractive options and with two special exhibition plates and display.


The paint was “Mink” and the interior upholstery was provided in medium blue Connolly leather and carpets in Wilton wool dark blue with the headliner

cloth in grey .The options list included the ZF 5 speed transmission, Air Conditioned, Power steering, Fiamm horns, lap belts, Smiths KMH Odometer,

FIAMM horns, Chromed wire wheels and Avon Radial tires.


The DBS was not sold in the fair and was displayed in the Corver Showroom in the Marco Aurelio street in Barcelona for near two years. The “Mink” special

color was a handicap for the wealthy Spanish Aston Martin buyers taste, (in this 1970-1972 PERIOD Corver sold more than 6 new DB6, DBS and V8)

Finally the DBS was sold in May 1972, the first owner was the  CEO of a Shipping Company who painted it in “Hot Red” and sold it in 1976 to an Aston Martin

Fan (there was also a blue V8 in his garage) also from Barcelona who keeped the car always in a dry garage and with a perfect maintenance service in Corver

Until his sale in 2015. The car is well known for the Aston Martin Owners Club Spain´s chapter and the former owner is still member of the club.


This car can be described like a real “Survivor” car , very low mileage, unmolested and never restored DBS with 2 real owners (legally 3). The well

preserved original interior with patina gives an authenticity differential with some other freshly restored DBS. Actually the car has 36.700 confirmed and

certificated kms .The non-original “Hot red” paint is still in very good condition(after 40 years) but it´s a medium quality job non in the

today´s  car collectors quality standards. We´ll be happy to provide an extra cost paint job estimate if desired.