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Ruote Borrani with Auto Storica

Auto Storica as official and exclusive distributor in Spain of Borrani wheels since 2006, has an extensive catalogue of the brand, as well as all the necessary tools for their restoration and recovery.

Borrani rims have been handcrafted in Italy for 100 years, following the original specifications with the highest quality standards. They were part of the original catalogue of the most prestigious car manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin. This collaboration began in the first competitions and continued until the golden age of Italian car design. Today, it can be purchased as spare parts and as an extra option.
Borrani wheels stand out both for the quality of the materials used in axles, hubs, rims and spokes, as well as for the technical specifications of the whole set. All Borrani wheels are identified with an RW-stamp, a four- or five-digit code, with the unique Ruote Borrani Milano stamp, and with a serial number, which certifies their originality and offers traceability for tracking.
The special 6082 alloy, used to manufacture Borrani wheels, has been developed and refined over decades to allow maximum strength with minimum weight (the level of HB hardness is a very important aspect in terms of safety). The right alloy makes the edge of the rim strong enough to be repaired in the event of a small bump. Currently, the continuous edge is manufactured without welding, which guarantees a perfect roundness of the rim.

The wheels, hubs and spokes are made of high-quality materials.
The unsprung mass is reduced by 25% compared to a steel wheel.
Vehicle handling, response and comfort are dramatically improved.
Each classic wheel is tailor-made for your vehicle model, hand-assembled and centered by experienced craftsmen.
Sporty or stylish, available with a painted, polished or chrome finish to match classic car charm.

Only Official Distributors such as Auto Storica can guarantee Borrani restorations with suitable materials and techniques.
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